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practical rdf 1st edition amazon com - practical rdf shelley powers on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the resource description framework rdf is a structure for describing and interchanging metadata on the web anything from library catalogs and worldwide directories to bioinformatics, rdf semantics world wide web consortium - abstract this is a specification of a precise semantics and corresponding complete systems of inference rules for the resource description framework rdf and rdf schema rdfs, radio direction finder wikipedia - a radio direction finder rdf is a device for finding the direction or bearing to a radio source the act of measuring the direction is known as radio direction finding or sometimes simply direction finding df using two or more measurements from different locations the location of an unknown transmitter can be determined alternately using two or more measurements of known transmitters, rdf 1 1 semantics world wide web consortium - the 2004 rdf 1 0 semantics defined simple interpretations relative to a vocabulary in the 2004 rdf 1 0 semantics il was a total rather than partial mapping, rdf site summary rss 1 0 web resource org persistence - 1 3 1 2000 12 17 typo correction an upper limit of 15 items per rss document is recommended not enforced, rdf vs xml cambridge semantics - rdf vs xml say the words semi structured data and almost every technologist you talk to will think xml and not rdf tell one about rdf vs xml and he ll reply why do i need something else i already have xml for that however as a growing semantic web technology expert you will patiently smirk and, bueda api turns tags into rdf uris blog semantic focus - a large percentage of content that users deal with on a daily basis is created by other users every minute more than 90 000 videos and images are uploaded to youtube flickr and other social media websites yet this represents a relatively small revenue percentage when compared with traditional media, a practical antenna for 160 metres ham radio library - this aerial is one i have used for top band 160 metres it was suggested to me by alan g4erz also of hull it consists of 140 feet of insulated wire the first half of which 70 feet is space wound on an insulated tube i used glass fibre tubing which was to hand but pvc may be used also my, vitae researcher professional development - vitae leading world class professional and career development of researchers subscribe to our website to access a wealth of information for researchers and those involved in professional development of researchers, json ld and why i hate the semantic web the beautiful - i would just like to say thank you json ld is a beautiful standard i am working on making the uniprot rdf data available in json ld and it is starting to look like something that a js developer would actually use, equipment ideas for radio foxhunting homing in radio - rdf equipment ideas for vhf foxhunting and radio orienteering adapted from a handout given to first timers at southern california two meter international style foxhunts, an introduction to the resource description framework - eric miller research scientist online computer library center inc office of research dublin ohio emiller oclc org abstract the resource description framework rdf is an infrastructure that enables the encoding exchange and reuse of structured metadata, amazon com semantic web for the working ontologist - semantic web for the working ontologist effective modeling in rdfs and owl second edition discusses the capabilities of semantic web modeling languages such as rdfs resource description framework schema and owl web ontology language organized into 16 chapters the book provides examples to illustrate the use of semantic web technologies in solving common modeling problems, foaf vocabulary specification xmlns com - 1 introduction foaf basics the semantic web to a computer the web is a flat boring world devoid of meaning this is a pity as in fact documents on the web describe real objects and imaginary concepts and give particular relationships between them, w3c public mailing list archives - html tidy unsubscribe discussing about html tidy ietf dav versioning unsubscribe ietf http wg unsubscribe this is the public mailing list of