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boeing 737 next generation wikipedia - the boeing 737 next generation commonly abbreviated as 737ng is the name given to the 600 700 800 900 series of the boeing 737 airliner it is the third generation derivative of the 737 and follows the 737 classic 300 400 500 series which began production in the 1980s, boeing 737 800 takeoff procedure simplified journal - mission statement the purpose of flaps 2 approach is two fold to document the construction of a boeing 737 flight simulator and to act as a platform to share aviation related articles pertaining to the boeing 737 thereby providing a source of inspiration and reference to like minded individuals, american airplanes boeing c z aerofiles - c 19 19 747 100 in airline use modified for civil reserve airlift fleet the usaf cut a deal with the airlines pan am nwa etc who were paid to have their 747s modified with cargo doors and reinforced floors, take command ixeg 737 classic x aviation - take command ixeg 737 classic 737cl 1 21 purchase this with mike ray s 737 classic pilot handbook and receive 17 off the handbook with discount code 778e59e8 x aviation is proud to announce our third offering that lets you take command, boeing 787 dreamliner specs modern airliners - boeing 787 specs there are three different variations of the boeing 787 dreamliner and as of 31 march 2017 all three are now flying the boeing 787 8 787 9 and 787 10 are described in the table at the bottom of the page which shows the detailed specifications of each of the variants